Say "goodbye" to awkward group presentations.

Baton allows multiple people to remotely control the same presentation.

It means never having to say “next slide” ever again.

How it works

Presenter opens a presentation and launches Baton on their computer.


Presenter generates a secure link using Baton and shares it with co-presenters.


Co-presenters open the link in any web browser and can now control the presentation.


About Baton

Baton was born out of the frustration of trying to present a single presentation with multiple presenters. It’s impossible to get into the flow of a presentation when you are constantly asking the presentation owner to advance to the next slide.

Baton allows teams and professional speakers to stay in the flow and advance the presentation on their own terms. It’s amazing how this simple innovation makes such a big difference. Presentations are smoother, presenters can time their slide advancement for maximum impact and the audience experience is vastly improved.

By simply installing the Baton app and generating a unique and secure web link, a presenter can share control of their presentation with co-presenters. The presenter can share their screen using any popular conferencing tool (Zoom, Google Meet, etc) and all presenters can advance the slides in the presentation when it is their turn to present.

Baton is great for:

  • Sales teams
  • Agencies
  • Distributed teams
  • Professional speakers
  • Online conference organizers
  • SaaS businesses

Technical requirements

Baton is Mac OS X only and supports Keynote and PowerPoint for Mac presentations.

Presenters can use any online conference call software to present their presentation such as Zoom, Google Meet, WebEx, Bluejeans, etc.

Co-presenters can use any modern web browser to control the presentation, including mobile web browsers. It is recommended to use a mobile browser as a co-presenter so you can still view the presentation via your laptop or desktop computer as you advance your slides using your phone. There is nothing to install and no registration required to be a co-presenter.

Mac OS X, Keynote, and PowerPoint icons